I went to the movies on Saturday and saw the Amy Schumer/Judd Apatow joint venture Trainwreck. I’m a huge fan of Amy and Judd. I used The 40 Year Old Virgin to put me to bed every night for a full Summer and I could definitely relate to the type A woman in Knocked Up who falls for a guy who’s having problems growing up. I’ve always succumbed to the trap of telling my partner how they should be living their life which is a sneaky and excellent trick if you want to really not focus on your own.
I love how opinionated Amy Schumer is. It’s awesome to see a young woman calling it like she sees it — and sometimes getting called out herself.
No one is perfect and anyone whose acting like they are is full of it. Like most humans, I am full of contradictions. Some days I’m having a green smoothie and meditating, other mornings I’m eating leftover cake and getting down with an US Weekly. Sometimes I’m a great friend, sometimes I could do better. The fact of the matter is that I am in no way shape or form perfect. No matter what my life looks like from the outside, or what anyone sees on instagram.
I try to lean into this honest imperfection. I think it’s a pretty major deal to compromise your relationship with yourself. If we all just  get on the fake train cause everyone else is taking a ride, then we are just all living in a big, fake, inauthentic world and that sounds terrible.

I give major props to outlets like Darling Magazine that strive to show a realistic version of womanhood. I hope as we relaunch Clotheshorse it will become a site for a more open conversation about all facets of being a lady, chick, broad, woman, girl, babe or whatever we like to call ourselves.



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Calvin Klein Racerback c/o Urban Outfitters // P.J. Pants (my sisters) // Pyrrha Necklace
Photo Credit: Mark Champion
Shot in Ojai, CA at the Ojai Rancho House