I recently read an article that explained why having too many choices can make you unhappy. Just think of the hot girl in the big city whose dating life is non-stop but can’t find love. Then there’s the dude who stays in his hometown and marries his high school sweetheart, living happily ever after and never meeting any of his other “potential soul mates”…probably not missing them either!

I’ve realized that having a few signatures i.e. things I don’t overthink can make life a lot easier.

Below are some of my Summer game changers.

The Lob – Once you’ve gone lob it’s very hard to go back. I’ve had this haircut for a few years now, sometimes short and sometimes a longer version.  I got a cut and style on Saturday from my friend Patricia Lynn Laas at her private Beverly Hills studio. Patricia is so cool and down to earth and really makes you feel taken care of when you are in her chair. I love visiting her low-key space early on a weekend morning. On Saturday, we trimmed a few inches off my lob to make it less heavy in this LA heat.

Jumpsuits – My favorite dressing option for the Summer because they are appropriate almost anytime depending on how I style it. Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is still happening so it’s a great time to pick up a few for any end of Summer parties.

Flats – Teetering is not for me so flats are my jam. These hot pink ones add some excitement to any outfit.

Diptyque Candles – Diptyque is like a lover that I always come back to; sometimes I feel like I can do better and I just can’t. I’m currently obsessed with the large, black Baies.

Fancy Candy – How many times have you brought a bottle of wine to a party only to add your bottle to the ever growing kitchen counter of booze? I’m liking fancy candy or chocolates lately as a hostess gift. The Bento Box from Sugarfina is a fun alternative. Who doesn’t like gummy candies? Bring a bottle of Rose too for extra credit!

Just Fab Jumpsuit // Palter Deliso Vivenne Shoes (on sale!) // Vintage Bag

Shot at Sugarfina in Beverly Hills, CA

Photo Credit: Mark Champion