It was such a crazy summer! I shot these photos with Jenna in June and am just now getting around to posting them! These were taken before I put this dress in the washing machine and shrunk it within an inch of it’s life but was in denial that it shrunk so wore it to my birthday dinner and spent the whole night tugging and futzing and willing it to be longer but alas, the dress had indeed shrunk. These photos however serve as incredible reminder of how great the dress looked the two times I got to wear it. Since I love the dress but hate admitting fault (not really true) I did the only sensible thing and purchased the same dress but in a different print. I also learned a valuable lesson…if it’s more than seventy five dollars, dry clean it!

P.S. I want to give a shout to these MOBS sneakers. I wore them all over town this summer (and all over Italy) and they are the perfect combo of style and comfort.

Photos by Jenna Elliot

Reformation Dawn Dress, Clare V. Bag, Mobs Design Sneakers