Ladies and gentleman drum roll please… I am happy to introduce my new best friend for fall, the Petite Alistair bag. It was just about a year ago that I became an ambassador for Clare V.  handbags. It’s also about a year since I went to Cape Cod and did my first tech fast. Like, I didn’t bring a computer. Like, I barely checked email. Like, I only looked at my phone once a day.

When I came back to work I realized I wanted to cut back to one blog post a week and focus on quality not quantity. It was after that tech fast that I ended up partnering with Clare V. I’m about to embark on another week long unplug, this time in Laguna Beach, CA.

A vacation is suppose to be a break from normal life but technology has made anything and anyone accessible at all times no matter where you are. I’m someone who likes being connected. I also know that I get the biggest clarity and creative flow when I unplug even for a few days. There’s really no downside, I mean the worst case scenario is that I end up being more present with my family on this trip. I’m just saying it out loud to hold myself accountable because there’s definitely a part of me that wants to say F it and snap chat every single moment!

Truth be told in Cape Cod I did post an instagram every night…  maybe I’ll still do that, I mean you guys want to see Laguna right?!? Yeesh justification station. Anyway I’m going to try to be on social media and the internet less this week.

That’s the goal!

Wish me luck!

Photos by Mark Griffin Champion

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