_13A0022-Edit One of my favorite places to be on a Sunday is Grand Central Market in downtown L.A. I love the energy, the variety of people and all the food stalls. I grew up going to the Cross Street Market in Baltimore with my dad (it’s where I slurped my first oyster). I love seeing new life breathed into existing structures while maintaining roots to the past. I heard this past weekend that if a fish stall closes at the market it’s replaced with another fish stall.  There’s something soothing to me about a place that’s old but also new.

This past Sunday I tried the pastrami on rye at Wexlers Deli. A big, fat sandwich was just what the doctor ordered after being out with girlfriends until 4am at the Evening Before the Emmy’s party. I don’t normally stay out until 4am but some nights are just too good to go home early. I rarely get starstruck but when you’re in the same room as Amy Poehler, Jon Hamm, and Kevin Spacey is more like Disneyland for actors. Instead of “Oh my god it’s Minnie Mouse!” you’re thinking “Oh my god it’s Lisa Kudrow!” After all the fun I needed a hefty dose of under eye concealer the next day. For my morning-after brunch at Grand Central Market I wore this drop waist dress from Just Fab with some hot pink flats from Palter DeLiso and this little trench coat , smock thing I’ve been wearing as often as temperatures will allow.

There was a really great energy at the Evening Before party. I realized it was because I was in a room full of people that share their gift with the world and what could be more positive than that.

_13A0103_13A0048-Edit _13A0004_13A0086-Edit_13A0069-Edit_13A0060Just Fab Dress + Bag // Azalea Duster Jacket // Palter Deliso Flats // Ted Baker Hat