A few weeks ago I popped in to visit my friends at The Honeyman Agency and saw this dress. I instantly flipped out over it. I loved the demure cut and the sparkly flowers. I knew then and there that I wanted this dress on my body. They agreed to lend it to me and I bounced out of the office giddy as a school girl.
On the drive home the strangest thing happened, I started second guessing my attraction to the dress and wondering if it was too retro, too girly or just too “not-me.” I got home, put the dress away and kept it in the closet wondering if we would even shoot it.
On Saturday I felt like I didn’t having anything to wear to a friend’s party so I pulled the dress out and decided to give it a try. The strangest thing happened when I put it on my body, I felt instantly happier. I had this pep in my step and felt oddly more like myself and not like an imposter at all.
It was a good reminder to surround myself with the things that bring me joy and not overthink it too much.

Camilyn Beth Dress // Carlo Pazolini Shoes // Sunnies via Crossroads Trading Co. // Vintage Bag // Candy Shop Vintage Earrings //