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I get filthy when that liquor get in to me… But really Bey who doesn’t? In all seriousness I’ve been thinking not thinkin’ but THINKING and what I’ve been thinking is about how everything I’ve ever gotten really good at came with a lot of failure.

I’ve been thinking how without the mistakes there would be no being good at all. For example, I’m now considered a “fashion expert” but I had A TON of fashion missteps growing up. I took a lot of risks with no pay off and I got made fun of a lot for coloring outside of the lines satorially.

Some highlights? A giant, silver First Down coat that my family still teases me about to this day. From the ages of 12 -14 I was très gangsta. Then there was what I refer to as my lime green squared experience aka the two times I tried to make a head to toe lime green outfit work. Oof.

I still like a statement piece but now I know that they shouldn’t over power your entire outfit. It can be as simple as a bright pair of socks peeking out from booties or a solo, stone necklace over a basic gray sweatshirt.

My sense of style didn’t really start to evolve until I studied abroad in Paris and started to understand contrast and simplicity. Then having a style blog and being exposed to so much fashion while having a self inflicted microscope on myself refined my tastes exponentially.

Point being don’t be afraid to suck for awhile at anything because you will but if you stick with it one day people will be looking at you like you have all the answers because you do.

Stance Socks
Solo Stone Necklace + Bracelet
Shoe mint Boots
Jcrew Skirt (old)
Madewell Sweatshirt (similar)
Rovi Moss Bag
Vintage Flannel (similar)
Timex Watch