Apparently the South is chandelier country. Who knew? I guess it makes sense if you really sit with it. 

I’m lucky enough to know some Southern women –  Charleston, South Carolina women to be specific and they recently told me that the South is “chandelier country”.
I just love the way that sounds, sort of like a Danielle Steele novel. 

I’ve put these women on the case to find me a bedroom chandelier.
And like my husband, it will have Southern roots.
What can I say, I have a type. 

Here are the inspi pictures that I sent them. If you look way up in each photo you will find a near perfect chandelier.
I feel like the time has come to sleep under something more glamorous, you know?


p.s. I frequently pull photos offline and put them in inspiration folders on my desktop so I have no idea who to credit for these…if you do please leave a comment below so I can give them some mwwwaaaaaaa!