“There’s no place like Marfa.”


“Wah-Cha” Marfa

To Eat
-Fat Lyles
Squeeze Marfa
Food Shark

To Sleep
El Cosmico         

To Do
Chianti foundation
Mid-Century Marfa
-Ride Bikes
-Chill out

About that cute little mut. I just wanted to take him home and give him a bath. And then give him another bath and then love him until his little heart burst or my little heart burst. He was the perfect black pepper shaker to Sid’s salt and he followed us around all day. Unfortunately there were no vets or dog groomers in Marfa and we weren’t willing to handle the uncertainty of his disposition for the 14 hours back to L.A. Too bad. Of course every town needs a local street dog and this guy definitely seemed like the mayor of Marfa. Hey Pooch!